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Justin Alexander

Design + Concept

Whitaker Trebella

Programming + Development

Garrett David

Sound Design

SoundForest is a delightful music composition app that allows you to instantly compose songs by arranging a collection of 160 musical creatures. Create a loop by tapping animal instruments and mix them into a musical ecosystem.


The design of SoundForest is inspired by the geometric nature illustrations of Charley Harper combined with the simplicity of an emoji. There are four unique environments each with their own musical pallet: SoundForest, ElectroJungle, SynthSavanna and EchoOcean. An alien overlord acts as a guide into the game later revealing his suspicious reason for the creation of the app. There are a wide variety of geometric creatures inhabiting SoundForest like Big Foots, baboons, tribesmen and blue haired mermaids.


SoundForest is a true indie app made by a small team of three creatives living and working in Chicago.


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